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Build Your Own Meat Box!

Must have a minimum order of $100

Delivery is available for locations between (and including) Maris Road and Wildwood

Beef Options:

  • Burger

  • Stew 

  • T-bone

  • Tenderloin

  • Prime Rib

Pork Option:

  • Steaks

  • Bacon

  • Chops

  • Ground

  • Shoulder Roast

  • Ribs - Side

  • Ham

Chicken Option:

  • Whole Chicken

Know where your meat comes from

Creekside meat is raised, processed, and packaged on our farm.

Our cattle are grass fed and finished. 

Our pigs are fed a gmo free grain and are pasture raised.

Our chickens are free-run.

All of our meat is hormone and antibiotic free.

Taste the Difference!

Call or email to order a meat box:

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